Philosophy and ‘Antigone’ with West Chester University Theatre
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Philosophy and ‘Antigone’ with West Chester University Theatre

Philosophy students reading the Greek tragedy “Antigone” held a Q&A session on Tuesday with performers from West Chester University, who are staging the play later this month.

The Philosophy elective, taught by English teacher Vincent Deery, is one of the most popular classes at CCSA. Students will attend the West Chester University production, which features an all-female cast, having read a translation of the classic text written by Sophocles ca. 441 BC, and compare the two experiences.

An unconventional production

“Antigone is the story of a young girl fighting against the patriarchy,” says director John Bellomo. The drama turns on her both honoring and defying powerful men. “I wanted to explore what resonates when women are cast in parts traditionally played by men.”

Bringing the dialogue home

In addition to examining the roles and positions of women in society, the students will also examine the dichotomies of fate vs. free will, the individual vs. the society, conscience vs. law, and the threat of tyranny. By the end of the unit, students will have explored these areas theatrically by creating and directing their own scenes set in modern-day Chester.

Help us build great connections.

CCSA’s partnership with West Chester University is a vital component to our arts-integrated curriculum and is possible only through the support of our generous donors and friends.

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