Every child can know their fullest potential.

Over the past seven years CCSA has made great progress. We now educate 674 children across thirteen grade levels, making us the only K–12 school in Chester.

A Unique Curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully designed to be responsive to the needs of our children. Employing an arts-integrated approach allows our students to discover effective ways to communicate and to advocate for themselves beyond the walls of CCSA.

Community Connections

Strong local partnerships offer our students diverse opportunities that prepare them for life beyond CCSA. Last year our educational partners included West Chester University, Swarthmore College, Ballet X, Darlington Arts Center, Delaware Shakespeare, ArtSmart, and The Clay Studio.

Core Emphasis

CCSA provides a rigorous academic curriculum where students are given opportunities to discover the best in themselves.

Arts Integration

Arts integration is the combining of the arts (music, dance, theater, visual art) with core academic subjects (math, history, science) to enhance and deepen understanding.

Low-income students who are engaged in the arts are:

4 times more likely to excel in academics

3 times more likely to graduate from high school

2 times more likely to enroll in a 4-year college

3 times more likely to earn their bachelor’s degree

Early Literacy

At CCSA, literacy instruction is the cornerstone of academics. The earlier and better children read, the more successful they will be throughout their academic careers. Many CCSA students begin school reading significantly below grade level.

Our first grade reading proficiency level has risen from 25% in 2012 to 75% in 2018

Post-Secondary Planning

The goal of CCSA’s Post-Secondary program is to guide and support our students as they develop a purposeful post-graduation plan and attain the skills to support their careers no matter what path they choose, whether college, technical school, the military or employment.

100% of 2019 seniors graduated from CCSA

68% of 2019 seniors attended a 4 year college

25% of 2019 seniors attended a 2 year post-secondary educational program


Expanding on our success with early literacy, we launched a focused Math Initiative in 2018 designed to improve students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. In-class instruction is enhanced by a Math Lab, overseen by a full-time veteran teacher.

We added two K–4 math teaching assistants in 2019

Every child shares in our progress.
Keep Chester rising.

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